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For the Ultimate Adrenalin Rush get behind the wheel of a 17 ton Tank at Tank America Orlando

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

For the ultimate adrenalin rush you should head to Tank America here in Orlando, there is nowhere else in town quite like this adventure!

Where else can you get behind the wheel of a 17 ton FV 433 Abbot Tank and lay waste to anything, and everything in your path!

Tank America Drive A Tank Orlando

Tank America is located here in Orlando, with this unique adventure taking place on 14 lush acres of land with plenty of jungle terrain, and rolling trails cutting through the forest.

Your epic journey will take you on a 3/4 mile course which billows up 15 foot hills, barrels through four feet mud holes, whips around hair pin turns and across straightaways!

Tank America puts you in the middle of the action and directly in the driver’s seat as you navigate across the landscape in a FV433 Abbot military tank.

Tank America can host any size group, hit the course with your friends and get behind the wheel of an awesome tank now, for details head to Tank America and drive this beast today!

Tank America Drive A Tank Orlando


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