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Experience Medieval Life At This Weekend's Orlando Renaissance Festival

The time has come! This weekend, the Duke and Duchess welcome back their dearest Revelers with open arms.

For Meade, for entertainment, for glory! Join in the fun at this weekend's Orlando Renaissance Festival, December 9- 11, 2022.

Experience the Renaissance, the days of old. From fantastical shows, celebrating milestones, and eating feasts fit for a king... Orlando has many different activities for families and adults alike.

Orlando Renaissance Festival

Enjoy the pub crawl or join the fairies in the Kid's Kingdom with the children

A performance for the ages, they have plenty to offer and remind you of why many come and feel the need to join the Revelry!

Take a step back in time to a bustling marketplace of old and browse the wares of handcrafted goods ranging from leather products to gorgeous jewelry.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or your next great accessory, there is something for everyone amongst the vendors!

Orlando Renaissance Festival

The Orlando Renaissance Festival was founded to benefit education and the arts in the Greater Orlando Area. They provide a venue for artisans and craftspeople to market their treasures, stages for entertainers to amaze and excite their audiences, and a unique opportunity for education through historical exhibitions and demonstrations!

Festivities start at 10 a.m. each day, with tickets still available through the Festival website.

Orlando Renaissance Festival


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