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Expect Busy Airports & Roads During The Holidays With Highest Travel Numbers In Almost Two Decades

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

It looks like its going to get extremely busy on the roads, and in the airports this Christmas and New Year travel period, with the AAA predicting huge numbers of Floridians will be travelling for the holidays this year.

Thanksgiving pulled huge travel numbers, with Orlando International Airport experiencing its highest amount of travellers on record, and the AAA expects that trend to continue through Christmas and the New Year.

Orlando International Airport Busy Holiday Travel

"Well, I think you're gonna see a lot of momentum building off of what we saw during Thanksgiving, which is very busy roads and very busy airports," AAA spokesperson Mark Jenkins said.

"Last Thanksgiving, we saw a really big rebound and travel numbers coming out of the pandemic. We're seeing some of the highest travel numbers that we've really seen in almost two decades," Jenkins said. "So chances are that momentum is likely to continue through the rest of the month."

I-4 Orlando Busy Holiday Travel

While the AAA hasn't released its official expectations just yet, they are already saying to prepare to leave much earlier than usual, and to pack your patience.

"Travel spending is back actually above pre-pandemic levels," Jenkins said. "So it's not really keeping people home. In many cases, people are offsetting that added expense, whether that be by staying in a less expensive hotel or maybe spending less on shopping and dining out."

The advice already from Orlando International Airport is if you are planning on traveling by air anytime soon, arrive at least three hours early.

Busy Orlando International Airport


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