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CFCArts Celebrates 100 Years of Disney Music with “Once Upon a Dream” Spectacle!

Central Florida Community Arts has announced its production of Once Upon A Dream: 100 Years of Musical Magic, and it's not just any old choir concert you're invited to... It's a CFCArts spectacle!

With hundreds of choir and orchestra members, theatrical lighting and effects, actors to thread a story throughout the evening, and even some special surprises, you won't want to miss Once Upon a Dream taking place on May 4 and 5, 2023, at Northland Church in Longwood.

CFCArts Celebrates 100 Years of Disney Music with “Once Upon a Dream”

CFCArts production of Once Upon A Dream: 100 Years of Musical Magic will feature 300 members in an immersive extravaganza that will take the audience on a musical revue of Disney animated and live-action films from the last century.

This concert experience will highlight music from the early animated days of the 1920s to the animated renaissance of the 1990s, the recent smash hits of the last 20 years, and even a celebration of live entertainment from Disney parks and destinations.

This performance is one of CFCArts many Disney-themed events this year, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company.

CFCArts Celebrates 100 Years of Disney Music with “Once Upon a Dream”

CFCArts Community Choir director and founding member Brandon Fender is excited to share the magic which, like so many others, he grew up adoring. “This isn’t a standard choir concert, but rather a fully produced, multimedia, theatrical experience that features the CFCArts choir and orchestra,” Fender said. Featuring theatrical lighting, projections, and other enchanting effects, this immersive concert will wrap the audience in nostalgia and awe, reigniting the magic of Disney they first experienced as children. “I have such wonderful memories of growing up and going to the movie theater and seeing my favorite hero or princess in action on the big screen,” Fender said. “Having the ability to experience those movies come to life in my backyard at the Disney Parks was life-changing and set a trajectory for my career to come. As a kid, I would lock myself away for hours, putting on cassette tapes and putting on shows for myself in my bedroom. Thirty years later, I’m still putting on shows, but the experience looks a bit different.”

CFCArts Celebrates 100 Years of Disney Music with “Once Upon a Dream”

Once Upon a Dream combines several programs into one spectacular performance. The iconic music that holds such personal memories inspired many members to take part in the celebration. “The choir is growing so much—not just in numbers of members but in diversity,” Fender explains. “I’m proud of this season in so many ways, but one that sticks out to me is the nearly 60 new choir members joining us, connecting with our family of artists, and rediscovering their love of music and choral singing.” Once Upon a Dream even includes actors that will share stories throughout the evening, emphasizing the generational impact of Disney and how there is no time limit to experiencing the magic. This show will be a celebration of a century’s worth of memories passed down through families and loved ones. “No matter what someone is experiencing in their life, we believe there is a Disney song that can lift their spirits,” said CFCArts Vice President of Creative & Production Justin Muchoney. “The relatable characters and stories help every member of a family feel less alone, knowing that there is always not just a star they can wish upon, but also an unexpected community of people eager to help their dream come true.”

CFCArts Celebrates 100 Years of Disney Music with “Once Upon a Dream”

With a number of choir and staff members being past or present Disney cast members, the Once Upon a Dream performers and crew are deeply connected to telling these timeless stories. For example, Muchoney worked at Disney, starting off as a spokesperson for the parks during “The Year of a Million Dreams” and worked for 12 years in a variety of roles prior to joining CFCArts full-time. Director of Production Juan Torres, Fender himself, and several other production team members currently work in leadership and production roles within entertainment at Walt Disney World. Whether it be their personal connection to working with Disney or love for the company itself, each choir member brings something special to the stage to contribute to a feeling of nostalgia and childlike wonder to this concert.

CFCArts Celebrates 100 Years of Disney Music with “Once Upon a Dream”

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