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Capital Tacos Coming To Orlando In Big Expansion Plans

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Tampa based company, Capital Tacos have announced big plans for expansion through a partnership with CloudKitchens.

The great news is that the yummy food brand will fast track their Tex-Mex concept across five major cities in 2022, including our very own Orlando.

Known for Tex-Mex #DoneRight, the brand now operates five restaurants in the Tampa Bay region.

Partner Josh Luger said in a press release, “After having spent the better part of a decade perfecting such a company, we’re exhilarated to be able to bring that experience to as many people as possible, starting with these first five markets.”

On the menu at Capital Tacos, you’ll find tasty bites like Queso Dip and Mexican Street Corn, Epic Nachos, plus inventive tacos like their Catawampus with fried chicken and queso.

Check out Capital Tacos by visiting their Website.


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