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Bye Kitty! Hello Kitty Store Closing Forever At Universal Studios Florida

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

It looks like Hello Kitty will be packing her Loungefly backpack and saying bye to Universal Studios Florida.

The Hello Kitty Store located between Production Central and Hollywood has slowly been removing the Hello Kitty theming as the retail space turns into a more generic Universal merchandise store.

Hello Kitty Store  Universal Studios Florida

The Hello Kitty Store was never strictly an entire Hello Kitty Store to begin with, as it offered a mixed bag of merchandise with Betty Boop, Funko, and Universal Studios merch thrown in too!

Over the space of the last few months, Universal have slowly been erasing the Hello Kitty theming from inside the store, and now the last remaining Hello Kitty section has been closed off to remove the Hello Kitty flooring, with the remaining Hello Kitty merchandise spread throughout the rest of the store as Universal continue to change the space to a more generic merchandise store.

Hello Kitty Store  Universal Studios Florida

The Hello Kitty Store opened in a blaze of publicity back in 2016, replacing the much loved Lucy: A Tribute, which was an attraction dedicated to Lucille Ball.

This attraction was a walkthrough museum, showcasing many of the props and wardrobe that Lucy wore on all her shows over the years. There were also small TV screens that highlighted Lucy's legacy and a giant screen that showed various I Love Lucy clips.

There was also a gift shop attached to the museum that had Lucy merchandise.

The attraction opened in May 1992 and closed on August 17, 2015, to make way for the Hello Kitty Store.

Lucy: A Tribute Universal Studios Florida


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