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Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures Adds New Experience

Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures located at the headwaters of the Florida Everglades, is an edutainment, landscaped eco-park, and its just added a brand new addition to its line up of attractions.

Lily’s Butterfly Garden and Lorelei’s Critter Collection is a specially designed aviary that features several different species of butterflies that are native to Florida, including Monarch, Painted Ladies and Sulphurs. Guests can purchase nectar cups for $2 to feed the butterflies inside the aviary.

The butterfly habitat contains an assortment of Florida native plants such as Native Milkweeds, Buttonwood Plant, Fire Bushes, Swamp Lily, Mushy Grass, Prickly Pear Cactus and Swamp Hibiscus, plus the habitat is also home to native Florida animals such as Bobwhite Quails, Wood Ducks and Turtles.

Landscaping of the park and butterfly area at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures has been done through a partnership with the Florida Native Plant Society.

Lily’s Butterfly Garden will include high teas and elegant birthdays and intimate weddings for up to 20 people.

Also, a new Bat Education and Conservation Zone will open in mid-October 2022 and will teach guests about the various species of Florida’s bats and how they help the environment.

Three bat houses will accommodate up to 300 bats each which will naturally migrate to the site.

You will want to see all the new additions to the park and don’t forget to glide on an airboat ride while you are there!

Owner Margie Bryan said “We are so excited to expand our natural outdoor experiences here at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures,” she continued "Butterflies, bats and our other new critters will delight our guests in addition to our signature airboat tours which offer up close views of Bald Eagles, North American Osprey, River Otters, Florida Soft Shell and Snapping Turtle, American Alligator, Crested Caracara, and Swallow-tailed Kite.”

Alongside the new exhibits, Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures has been providing airboat tours since 1994 with its unique Real Natural Florida style tours in search of the American Alligator. The nature-based attraction, located within a natural 32-acre lakeside park serving as the headwaters of the Everglades, also features and on-site BBQ restaurant and a separately ticketed Native American Village which demonstrates how native Indians survived on the swamp.

Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures offers daytime, sunset, night and private airboat tours.

Check out the Boggy Creek Airboat Adventure website to learn more, find directions and make reservations.

Boggy Creek Airboat tours are priced at $35 for adults and $30 for children ages 3 to 10 for a half hour, $55 for adults and $50 for children ages 3 to 10 for one hour.

One-hour Sunset Tours are $68 for adults and $58 for children ages 3 to 10, and one-hour Night Tours are $73 for adults and $63 for children ages 3 to 10.

All-inclusive packages featuring a 30-minute airboat ride, a hands-on gem and fossil mining experience, lunch and park admission are $49.88 for adults and $39.99 for children ages 3 to 10, and $69.88 for adults and $59.29 for children ages 3 to 20 for a one-hour airboat ride, hands-on gem and fossil mining experience, lunch and park admission.

Private tours are also offered. All tours can be booked online.


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