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Bob Chapek Reportedly Shown The Door By Disney With A $23 Million Plus Payoff

Following the sensational news late last night that Bob Chapek had been fired, and Bob Iger brought back from retirement as CEO, more details have been emerging, including the news we brought you earlier today that Bob Iger was only approached to take over on Friday, and Bob Chapel only finding out that he was being given the boot on Sunday, hours before it was made public.

Now it has emerged in an analysis by Bloomberg suggesting that Bob Chapek will be over over $20 million richer as part of his exit package from Disney.

The report from Bloomberg speculates that Chapek leaves “with exit payments and benefits that could be worth more than $23 million. That’s without including the millions more he could collect in the coming years if the company’s share price recovers. “

Bloomberg News point out that the $23 million figure was based on their own calculations, and that Disney has not as yet, disclosed any of the financial terms of Chapek’s departure.

With Chapek’s contract recently extended, the terms of the contract allow him to collect paychecks even if he was fired or left early, with those pay checks totalling $6.5 million.

Chapek is also entitled to cash that is not including in the $23 Million figures. including a pension worth $16.9 million as of October 2021, plus stock options worth more than $3.5 million today,

Bob Chapek Reportedly Shown The Door By Disney With A $20 Million Plus Payoff


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