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Berry Good News as Salt & Straw at Disney Springs reveals 5 limited-edition Berry Ice Cream Flavors!

Summer has arrived at Salt & Straw in Disney Springs, with the scoop shop unveiling their latest limited-time ice cream flavors for July,

Berry Good News as Salt & Straw at Disney Springs reveals 5 limited-edition berry creams!

The Disney Spring's scoop shop Salt & Straw has a pretty unique menu featuring 12 regular classic flavors as well as a rotating monthly menu that offers delicious seasonal specials, and this month is great news for berry lovers!

The veryest berriest ice creams are now in season. From heat to tang to spice, it's time to welcome back three of your all-time favorites—and meet two new tastes that pack a berry punch.

The Berries Collection

Goat Cheese Marionberry Habanero

Oh, it's a delectable tongue twister of sweet berries, smooth goat cheese, and complex habanero heat that reveals itself slowly in a pleasant burn. Thanks to the blue-ribbon-winning goats of Portland Creamery, this eagerly-awaited summer flavor marries tangy goat cheese frozen yogurt with a fruity, fiery jam starring succulent marionberries—the blackberry's big juicy cousin—pioneered and perfected right here in Oregon.

Wild-Foraged Berry Slab Pie

Close your eyes and imagine classic berry pie à la mode, made with wild berries foraged by our friend "Bear" from the slopes of Mt. Baker in Washington. We're talking really wild mountain blackberries, blueberries, and lingonberries—all simmered into an ooey-gooey filling, then slathered across crispy bits of double-baked pie crust in salted vanilla ice cream. See where we're coming from now? Open your eyes—and mouth—and smile!

GoNanas Banana Bread w/ Strawberry Jam (v)

Ready to go bananas with berries? Treat yourself to GoNanas salted caramel banana bread crumbles that taste like toffee pudding, swirled into our classic caramel coconut cream with ribbons of scrumptious strawberry jam. GoNanas is this great woman-owned company that makes healthy living more enjoyable—one banana bread bake at a time—and we're proud to say this sweet vegan collaboration is a taste you'll crave a bunch.Made with GoNanas

Huckleberry Cornbread Pudding

Talk about Purple Mountain's majesty—super tart and sweet, with a beautifully complex flavor, ripe wild huckleberries are smaller than blueberries, sweeter than cranberries, and eagerly adored by bears and human hikers alike. Wait until you taste their earthy juiciness in this decadent ice cream—made with sweet ribbons and pops of homemade buttermilk cornbread. Creamy, dense, and delicious, it's a recipe grandma would love. One bite, and you'll be a huckleberry hound. 

Birthday Cakes & Blackberries

Happy birthday cakes to you! Indulge in sweet hunks of rainbow-sprinkled crumble in double-vanilla ice cream, all wrapped up with a ribbon of Oregon berry jam—made with those plump, delicious evergreen blackberries the PNW is famous for. It's a big, sweet "birthday" celebration for the kid in us all.

Salt & Straw Disney Springs

Salt & Straw Ice Cream is a Portland-based, family-run ice cream company that was founded in 2011 by cousins Kim & Tyler Malek.

Salt & Straw makes unbelievably delicious ice creams that tell the narrative of artisans, meaningful food movements and important social causes.

The company creates unique menus that rotate monthly featuring ice cream that is crafted with unthinkable care and designs a generous store experience that's personalized and welcoming.

Salt & Straw at Disney Springs is open 10 am until 11.30 pm daily, and they even make their own fresh waffle cones in the scoop shop, and before you decide which flavor of ice cream yo want, you can sample the flavors for free!

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Salt & Straw Disney Springs

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