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Artic Air Heading To Florida: Could It Snow In Orlando On Christmas Day?

Here in Orlando we are pretty much used to it "snowing" at the holidays, of course its not real snow, its called "snoap" around these parts!

At any given time during the holidays, you can find it snoaping in all of the theme parks, and at special holiday events in locations including Celebration and Lake Nona.

Snoap is actually soap that is fed through snow machines, that converts the soap into fluffy snowflakes of sorts... snoap!

Anyway, back to the point of this news story, could it really snow here in Central Florida on Christmas Day?

Probably not, but it is Christmas, and miracles do happen!

Orlando Christmas Westher

As we reported earlier, an arctic blast is on its way, and it's going to bring below freezing temperatures throughout Central Florida for the holidays.

Meteorologists are predicting that Central Florida will see a strong cold front beginning early next week, with much colder than average temperatures expected over the holidays, with artic air sweeping into Florida in the days leading up to Christmas.

Currently, this arctic blast is working its way East all the way from Siberia and will cross over Alaska and through the center of the United States to land down the East Coast to yes, right here in Florida.

Temperatures are going to drop down as Christmas gets closer, temperatures are expected to get down as low as the 30s on December 23, yes that cold!

For Central Florida, we could see lows fall to below freezing on Christmas Eve morning and again on Christmas Day morning.

Highs on both days could easily stay in the 40s.

Florida Cold Weather At The Holidays

Christmas Day could actually be one of the coldest on record, it was back in 1983 that the coldest day every in Orlando history happened, when the high for the day only reached 36 degrees.

As for the chances of snow, it's not likely, with forecaster actually predicting it to be dry, very cold air for the holiday weekend.

Some models have a slim chance of a snowflake or two actually falling in North Florida, so you never know, but the chances of any wintry precipitation in Central Florida are almost non existent.

Sorry for all you snow lovers, just have to make do with some snoap!

BUT, you will have to wrap up warm, it is gonna be very cold!!

Florida Cold Snap


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