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Walt Disney World PAUSE Sales of Annual Passes!

Walt Disney World Annual Passes were once again available for sale earlier today, April 20, at 7 am guest were invited to join a virtual queue, at the time guests were experiencing wit times of up to an hour and more.

Now Walt Disney World have PAUSED sales!

A message on the annual pass page only says “Pardon the Inconvenience. Annual Pass sales will resume as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding.”

More on this to follow...

Walt Disney World Annual Passes are on sale now

At 7am ET this morning, Walt Disney World implemented a virtual queue for Annual Passes, with wait times of over an hour as eager fans waited to purchase passes.


This morning anyone logging in to purchase a ticket before 6 am initially saw a screen saying that tickets will be available later this morning, meaning a nail biting wait for many.

Walt Disney World Annual Passes are on sale now

Then shortly before 7am a new message was displayed to guests, informing them to sit tight, as a queue to purchase tickets would open shortly.

Walt Disney World Annual Passes are on sale now

Then at 7am, the virtual queue opened, with wait times of over an hour.

Walt Disney World Annual Passes are on sale now

It's also interesting to mention that at 4.45 am this morning, here in Florida the state issued an alert as a test of the Emergency Alert System, waking every up very early, we presume this was a courtesy to everyone wanting to purchase annual passes!!

Florida Emergency Alert System

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