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Vivoli il Gelato Bring Back Maple Bacon Cannolis & More To Disney Springs For The Holidays

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Ever since opening in the early days of the Disney Springs transformation, we have loved Vivoli il Gelato, a traditional Italian gelato shop that can trace its beginnings back to 1929, in Florence, Italy.

If you've never stopped by this little gem, then now is the perfect time as maple Bacon Cannolis are back in store!

If you've never tried it, this is a crispy shell filled with a maple bacon ricotta sweet cream and wrapped with bacon.

Vivoli il Gelato Disney Springs

Plus if you pop into Vivoli il Gelato, they have been busy creating some yummy holiday treats perfect to celebrate the season, including Santa's Little Helper!

A gelato sundae featuring chocolate and mint chocolate chip gelato, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and crushed peppermint!

Vivoli il Gelato Disney Springs

They also have an amazing looking Bah Humbug red velvet shake that looks so good!

Vivoli il Gelato Disney Springs

Cookies and Chianti is what Santa really wants left by the tree this year!

This 21+ milkshake blends cookies and cream gelato with Chianti wine, an indulgent treat for the holidays.

Vivoli il Gelato Disney Springs

Plus, perfect for those cooler Orlando night, Italian style hot chocolate is back at the gelato shop now for the holidays.

Vivoli il Gelato Disney Springs

Check out Vivoli il Gelato website now for more info on this delicious gelato shop.

Vivoli il Gelato Disney Springs


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