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Union representing Disney World Cast Members gives an update on contract negotiations with Disney

UNITE HERE Local 737, one of the union's representing Walt Disney World Cast Members in ongoing contract negotiations with Disney have given an update on the latest negotiations that ended in stalemate yesterday.

Unions had returned to the negotiating table with Disney following an overwhelming 96% rejection of Walt Disney World’s offer to gradually raise wages to $20 over the next few years by the Service Trades Council Union, who represent more than 45,000 Walt Disney World Cast Members.

Following the negotiations yesterday, unions revealed that Disney had returnred to the table with a WORSE offer than the one that Cast Members had rejected.

Walt Disney World  Cast Members Protesting

Last night the Service Trades Council Union issued the following statement on its social media channels.

"Today the 6 unions of the Service Trades Council met with Disney for the first time since 13,650 Cast Members voted to reject Disney’s contract proposal on February 2 and 3.

Despite the overwhelming message sent by Cast Members, Disney refused to add even one cent to its wage proposal. Moreover, Disney’s proposal today reduced retroactive pay for thousands of workers, making today’s proposal even worse than the offer already rejected.

The 6 unions will be announcing public actions soon to bring light to the plight of Cast Members struggling to survive the devastating increase in the cost of living."

Walt Disney World  Cast Members Protesting

Now today on further reflection, UNITE HERE Local 737 issued the following statement on social media which explains in simple terms what Disney are offering and how it will affect Cast Members.

"On February 15, Disney made a new contract proposal. The Union made it clear to Disney that their proposal is unacceptable.

For Cooks, Dishwashers and Housekeepers who will get an initial raise of over $1, Disney proposed to reduce the retroactive pay to only $1.

For example, under Disney's new proposal, a Housekeeper who will get an initial raise from $17 to $20 would not get retroactive pay calculated on the full $3 raise. Instead, Disney proposed that retroactive pay will be calculated on only $1.

The Union will never accept Disney's proposed reduction of retroactive pay. We will fight until the Company proposes the full retroactive pay owed to all Cast Members.

In addition, Disney failed to agree to the Union's proposed minimum of $18 in 2023. Disney did propose a $1 raise on the date the Union's members vote to accept this proposal. That would mean a minimum of $17 in 2023 for current Cast Members.

QSR, Seaters, Convention Guides and Food Handlers would all get only $1 per year under Disney's new proposal: $16 retroactive to Oct. 2022 and only $17 when the Union's members vote to accept. The Union does not agree to this proposal.

Both the Union and the Company continue to propose the large raises for Culinary, Stewarding and Housekeeping that we presented during the vote earlier this month.

For example: - Housekeeping: Increase from $17 to $20 - Stewarding: Increase from $15 to $18 - Cook 2: $16.40 to $20 - Cook 1: $19 to $23.10 - Chef Assistant: $20 to $24.60

13,650 Union members voted "NO" to Disney's proposal and "NO" to poverty. Disney's new proposal still leaves Cast Members struggling to pay for rent, gas and groceries. We will fight until we win an $18 minimum in 2023 and full retroactive pay."

Walt Disney World  Cast Members Protesting


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