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Travel Site that calls Walt Disney World overrated also calls The Contemporary UGLY!

The same travel site that listed Walt Disney World as one the most overrated vacation destinations in the world has once again targeted the world's most visited theme park resort

 Disney's Contemporary Resort

A travel site named appears to have a disliking for Walt Disney World, first we reported that the had placed Walt Disney World near the top of their 50 Overrated Vacation Destinations, and now they have named one of the resorts most beloved hotels as ugly!

The site which said your kids would have just as much fun camping as they would have going on a trip to Walt Disney World have now named Disney's Contemporary Resort in a list of The Most Unsightly Buildings.

Now granted the list really does include some right stinkers of architectural design, mostly ugly 1970's concrete boxes, but the Contemporary? Really??

The site comments on The Contemporary asking "What in the world were they thinking when they created the iconic (and ugly) Contemporary Resort? It looks like a futuristic Aztec pyramid, which is not something you would normally associate with Mickey Mouse."

 Disney's Contemporary Resort

Whilst they do acknowledge that The Contemporary Resort is one of Disney's most beloved places to stay, they go on complain about the best feature of the hotel, namely the monorail running through the hotel! They said "In addition to being one of the ugliest buildings, it's also one of the loudest, since a monorail runs right through the middle of it."

OMG seriously? The Contemporary is world famous for the monorail running through the lobby, and as for it being noisy? We've never noticed! Too busy looking in wonder, every single time!

To make matter worse, they single out The Contemporary as the ugliest building in Florida!

Oh well, all we can say is their is no accounting for some folks taste, or lack of...

 Disney's Contemporary Resort

Disney Contemporary Resort opened back in October 1, 1971. Now more than fifty years after opening, The Contemporary remains an icon of Walt Disney World.

With its distinctive “A” frame structure and monorail trains passing through the soaring Grand Concourse graced with 90-foot tall tile murals by artist/animator Mary Blair, the Contemporary Resort Tower is still a one of kind among hotels.

 Disney's Contemporary Resort

The prefabricated construction process used to build its nearly 500 guest rooms was perhaps even more innovative than its architectural form.

The design and construction were a collaboration of WED Enterprises (Disney), the United State Steel Corporation, Welton Becket (architect) and Don Wexler (designer of the prefabricated guest rooms). Construction started with the erection of the nearly 200’ tall concrete central elevator core followed by an ‘A’ frame of structural steel forming the two long sloping sides of the hotel. Large steel trusses span across the Grand Canyon Concourse ten floors below.

 Disney's Contemporary Resort

Disney’s Contemporary Resort Tower was the first large scale commercial use of pre-fabrication to build hotel rooms. US Steel purpose-built a factory approximately three miles from the hotel site to fabricate guest room modules for the tower as well as those for the nearby Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

The prefabricated rooms, complete with finishes, furniture and bathrooms were raised by cranes and slipped into the steel “A” frame structure. While the guest room interior design has changed several times over the years, the original guest room modules remain in place.

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