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Travel site says Walt Disney World is overrated, together with The Everglades, and ALL Cruises!

A travel site listed the most overrated vacation destinations in the world and included Walt Disney World and just about every world famous tourist attraction!

A travel site named appears to not like travel! The site has published 50 Overrated Vacation Destinations and has included many of the nations, and in fact the worlds most beloved, mos liked, and most visited attractions and destinations!

The list incudes Walt Disney World, the most famous and most visited Theme Park destination in the world, and loved by millions.

The site acknowledged that Disney creates great themed attractions, but they commented that "you'll spend most of your hard-earned vacation time standing in line or trying to wind your way through a sea of strollers. You'll also spend a lot of money for the privilege. Why spend all that money when your kids would have just as much fun camping?"

Seriously? More fun camping? We sure don't think so!

They went on to say "The worst part about this is that there isn't another option. Disney World is the best theme park in the whole country. Your best bet is to try and schedule your vacation during the "off" season. It's hard to find one for Disney World, but there's a week or two you can choose out of the year."

Of course we agree that Disney World is the best theme park resort in the country, and yes it can get busy, even crazy busy, but the overall experience could never be regarded as overrated.

The site also claims that every cruise in the world is overrated!

They commented "No one wants to deal with crowds, so why would anyone go on a cruise where you'll be surrounded by strangers galore? The only real escape you'll have is locking yourself in your room, which would kinda suck. On top of that, cruises aren't cheap – especially the "all-inclusive ones." The only hope is that you'll get some good food, but that's honestly doubtful."

Another target on their overrated list is the Everglades National Park which they say is not all it's cracked up to be.

They say it's "kind of just a big swamp when you get down to the nitty-gritty. You'll probably see some wildlife, but chances are, you'll be eaten alive by mosquitos, too. Oh! And did we forget to mention all the alligators and crocodiles that are native to the Everglades? Yikes!"

Imagine that, seeing gators in the Everglades, shock!!

Another famous Florida location that is targeted is Key West, where they comment "There's no need to drive all the way down to Key West, Florida for a touristy train tour ride when you can have a luxurious upscale experience at a resort in a quiet village-like Islamorada. Plus, if you grab a taxi ride to Miami, you might just share it with an iguana."

They go on to call Key West a quaint retirement village!

Also on the list here in the U.S. is Bourbon Street in New Orleans, the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, The Alamo, Waikiki Beach, The Washington Monument, Mount Rushmore, Times Square, Las Vegas, and more.

Throughout the world they have included The Eiffel Tower and Champs Élysées in Paris, Cancun, The Pyramids in Egypt, and more.

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