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This weekend is your last chance to celebrate Pirate Fest Weekends at LEGOLAND Florida

The popular Pirate Fest Weekends at LEGOLAND Florida, ends this Sunday, February 19.

This is you last chance to join the pirate invasion fun with exclusive LEGO characters meet-and-greets, pirate-themed shows, LEGO build activities, themed food and more!

Pirate Fest Weekend  at LEGOLAND Florida

This year's Pirate Fest has a brand new highlight, the all new Pirate River Quest which had its grand opening on January 12, 2023.

Once aboard your boat, set sail with a rowdy crew of LEGO pirates on Captain’s orders to explore the murky waters and retrieve the lost treasure, stolen by a troop of mischievous monkeys.

Journey through the uncharted waters of the legendary Cypress Gardens and discover the secrets protecting its canals, as this all-new story unfolds brick by brick into a family-friendly treasure hunt.

Adventure awaits you at LEGOLAND on the Pirate River Quest!

LEGOLAND Florida Pirate Weekends Pirate River Quest

This weekend is your last chance to enjoy Pirate Fest Weekends at LEGOLAND Florida, read on for all the fun family activities you can enjoy, all including in the price of admission!

The Quest for Riches

Ye young pirates be wantin’ to earn some treasure, eh? Gather yer crew and explore excitin’ lands - from the jungle of Pirate’s Landing to the underwater Sunken Ship Lagoon, then end ye journey at the bustlin’ Hearties’ Harbor. Along your quest, collect at least SIX stamps, ye might find a special pirate treasure to claim!  

LEGOLAND Florida Pirate Weekends The Quest For Riches

Meet Arrrgh LEGO Pirate Crew

Our pesky crew of LEGO Pirates (always on the hunt for gold!) return to anchor at LEGOLAND shores for the ultimate pirate invasion. Fine buccaneer recruits like you, will have the chance to meet-and-greet with Captain Redbeard and his loyal friends. Don’t miss the perfect chance to steal ye special pirate selfie before they face the blue ocean!

LEGOLAND Florida Pirate Weekends Meet LEGO Pirate Crew

Thar's Shows on the Horizon

Ye better warm yer legs matey, pirate-themed shows include sword-fightin’, music of the seven seas, dancing, and that’s right, TREASURE! Ye best not set sail before ye witness the daring feats that all pirates must perform before they cross the line in Brickbeard’s Watersports Stunt Show with EPIC gravity-defying stunts and more!

LEGOLAND Florida Pirate Weekends


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