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The Witches are taking over Winter Park's Mead Botanical Gardens this Halloween

This Halloween at Mead Botanical Gardens is where you will uncover real magic, as The Witches need your help to cast a spell.

The Witches are coming to Orlando's Mead Botanical Gardens this Halloween

Orlando's Phoenix Tears Productions is bringing The Witches to the Mead Botanical Garden this Halloween.

The mood and atmosphere in the evening at Mead Botanical Gardens is the perfect setting to experience The Witches.

This immersive audio drama is taking place after dark in Mead Botanical Gardens on October 27, 29, and 30.

In the fall air under all hallow’s eve sky, three witches cast a circle and perform a ritual with the hopes of ushering in their deepest desires. The Witches is an immersive audio drama where audiences wear headphones and adventure outside in Mead Botanical Gardens

In this interactive choose your own path style show, audience members choose a witch to follow after this ritual goes horribly wrong. With 3 unique tracks and two endings, you’ll want to come back and experience this show again and again.

The Witches is a fully realized soundscape that is played over headphones while audiences move through a physical landscape.

In the audio dramas a physical guide interacts with audiences, pulling them along on the journey and often requiring their assistance in some way. Through the use of SILENT DISCO STYLE HEADPHONES we make our worlds fully immersive without any noise pollution.

The Witches also requires audiences to make decisions. This show is like a choose your own adventure with 3 unique paths and 2 different endings depending on what the audience does.

For more info, and to purchase tickets, click here.

The Witches are coming to Orlando's Mead Botanical Gardens this Halloween

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