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The War Continues - Gov. Ron DeSantis says there's ZERO chance he'll back down in fight with Disney

Even as fellow Republican, the Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez tells Gov. Ron DeSantis' that his actions against Disney look like it's out of spite or a personal vendetta, DeSantis continues to rage against Disney!

The War Continues - Gov. Ron DeSantis says there's ZERO chance he'll back down in fight with Disney

As the shockwaves over Disney's decision to pull the plug on a $1 Billion investment in Orlando that would have brought 2,000+ jobs to Central Florida continues, and with many law makers, politicians, economists, and media outlets questioning whether Florida Governor Ron Desantis and his ongoing war against Disney in Florida is damaging the state, the man at the center of it all - DeSantis is sounding more and more pigheaded in what is now seen as a personal war against the largest single-site employer in the State of Florida - Disney.

Yesterday, Friday, May 19, Republican Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez told NewsNation that DeSantis is continuing his fight with Disney out of spite or a personal vendetta which has cost the state now potentially 2,000 jobs and a billion-dollar investment.

But those words must have been water off a ducks back to DeSantis who yesterday had his legal counsel attempted to convince the judge in his federal case with Disney to recuse himself fro the proceedings, and then DeSantis made comment that there’s zero chance that he backs down from his war on Disney.

The governor said, “To put one corporation on a pedestal and let them be exempt from the laws? It’s not good policy. It’s not free-market economics. And it’s not something our state is going to be involved in, and so we will not change from that. And so they can do whatever they want. I know people try to chirp and say this or that — the chance of us backing down from that is zero.”

The governor's comments show that he is in no way ready to back don in his war on Disney, but with Disney already pulling the plug on $1 Billion worth of investment in Florida, and with the company openly threatening to stop hundreds of billions in future investment in the state, it seems a silly thing for the Governor to do.

But the man has backed himself into a corner now and is at risk of machining himself look stupid, but more seriously damaging the state, one has to wonder where this will end, perhaps DeSantis should concentrate on running for President!

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