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The Shuttered Attractions At Walt Disney World That Have Still NOT Received A Reopening Date

Walt Disney World was forced into closing its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic back in March 2022, the resort then slowly began to reopen in July the same year.

Now two years on, Walt Disney World is all but back to normal with most attractions and restaurants either open or have a reopening date announced.

Sadly there is still a handful of attractions sadly left out in the wilderness with no reopening in sight.

Walt Disney World Railroad

Walt Disney World Attractions STILL Closed:

Walt Disney World Railroad at Magic Kingdom

Ok so this closure is all to do with Tron rather than Covid, but can you believe the Railroad last completed a grand circle tour of Magic Kingdom in December 2018?

How crazy is that!!

With Tron delayed for what seems like forever, Walt Disney World hasn’t announced a reopening date for the Walt Disney World Railroad.

However, recently they released a video showing that the trains are being tested for reopening, so that's a start!

We're watching closely for an announcement, any announcement, please Disney!!

Walt Disney World Railroad


Pete’s Silly Sideshow at Magic Kingdom

We miss Pete's Silly Sideshow, we really do! This is one of our favorite meet and greet locations in Walt Disney World.

Where else can you meet Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy in their circus performer outfits, nowhere and that's why we really need Pete's Silly Sideshow to open soon!

 Pete’s Silly Sideshow

Disney has said that this attraction will reopen sometime “in the coming months,” but they haven’t said when, so unfortunately we are all going to have to wait longer.

 Pete’s Silly Sideshow


Meet Ariel at Her Grotto in Magic Kingdom

One more character meet-and-greet that’s sadly still closed is Ariel’s Grotto.

Although you can’t meet Ariel at this spot, fortunately you can still go on the Under the Sea, Journey of the Little Mermaid ride, so we can all sing the The Little Mermaid songs until our hearts content.

But it would be swell to meet The Little Mermaid again for real, but sadly Disney hasn’t announced when Ariel’s Grotto will reopen.

Meet Ariel at Her Grotto at Magic Kingdom


Enchanted Tales with Belle at Magic Kingdom

Yet another character meet-and-greet that's sadly still closed in Magic Kingdom.

We miss Belle and would love to hear her enchanted tales again soon!

Walt Disney World hasn’t announced when Enchanted Tales with Belle is or even could reopen.

Enchanted Tales with Belle at Magic Kingdom


Voyage of the Little Mermaid at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Yet another Little Mermaid attraction still closed in Walt Disney World, does Disney not like The Little Mermaid any longer?

Ok, so we have to be honest, this is one attraction that we're not to fusses about still being closed, why? Well quite simply, it's so old and needs either a major refurb and update, or open a new show, please!!

The Voyage of the Little Mermaid show has not been mentioned at all by Walt Disney World, either if it's reopening or if its gone forever...

Voyage of the Little Mermaid at Disney's Hollywood Studios


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