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The Orlando Air Show soars into Orlando with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, F-22 Raptor Demo Team and more

Excitement is soaring high this week, as the Air Dot Show Tour - Orlando Air Show roars into Orlando Sanford International Airport with sunshine and smiles in the air , and on the ground.

The Air Dot Show Tour soars into Orlando in April featuring the world-renowned U.S. Navy Blue Angels

The 2024 Air Dot Show Tour will visit six iconic travel destinations this year, immersing millions of people in an inspirational and patriotic celebration of military excellence and civilian expertise to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

The tour will kick-off in Orlando, at Orlando Sanford International Airport, from April 20 - 21, before touching down in Ft Lauderdale, Augusta, New York, Ocean City, and Atlanta,

The Tour CEO Bryan Lilley stated, “Air Dot Show Tour events appeal to a diverse audience far beyond just aviation enthusiasts, encompassing destination travelers, families, thrill seekers, and people of all ages. Our events are a groundbreaking fusion of outdoor festival vibes and a high-flying aviation spectacular, offering a revolutionary blend of a center stage production with the exhilarating performances of an air show.”

The 2024 Orlando Show will feature renowned U.S. military demonstration team, the Navy Blue Angels, along with aircraft demonstrations from the F-22 Raptor Demo Team, and civilian aircraft piloted by some of the world’s best aviators, including Michael Goulian.

In addition to the show in the air, attendees will enjoy team introductions, pilot interviews, live music, and more.

Tickets are available now, with adult general admission costing $37.50, with various VIP options also available. Click here for more details, and to purchase tickets.

Who's Flying In 2024!

The Air Dot Show Tour soars into Orlando in April featuring the world-renowned U.S. Navy Blue Angels

U.S. Navy Blue Angels

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels fly the F-18 Super Hornet and perform perform a combination of formation and solo maneuvers in an inspiring high energy demonstration.

The four-jet diamond performs precision formation flight with the aircraft wingtips as close as 2 feet apart while performing loops, inverted rolls and even high performance turns. The two solo jets perform high energy maneuvers together and from opposite directions closing in on each other as fast as 1,000 mph. The six jets come together in the delta formation as the finale for the show, flying difficult formations and signature breaks that fill the sky with speed, sound and smoke trails!

The Air Dot Show Tour soars into Orlando

F-22 Raptor Demo Team

The F-22 Raptor is the fastest and most maneuverable fighter jet in the world today. The F-22's twin engines produce more thrust than any other fighter. Combined with its sleek aerodynamic design, this allows the F-22 to “Supercruise” at 1.5 times the speed of sound without using fuel consuming afterburner. The F-22’s unique thrust vectoring and advanced flight controls allow it to outmaneuver any other aircraft.

The F-22 Raptor demo puts thrust vectoring on full display during its demonstration defying imagination as it climbs straight up, stops in mid-air, then reverses towards the ground before flipping the nose around in a summersault at near zero forward speed. The F-22 makes sharp, sudden turns displacing and compress air into vapor and you often see the Raptor creating its own weather system with massive clouds that engulf the jet.

The Air Dot Show Tour soars into Orlando

Michael Goulian

Michael Goulian is one of the top aerobatic pilots in the world. He began his career in the competitive world of aerobatics, earning the distinction of becoming one of the youngest pilots to ever win the United States Unlimited Aerobatic Championship at the age of 27. In 2006 he joined an elite group of pilots competing as Team # 99 in the Red Bull Air Races.

Mike's air show performance combines the heart-stopping gyroscopic tumbling of modern display flying with the crisp, aggressive, demands of precision competition aerobatics.

The Air Dot Show Tour soars into Orlando

USAF Heritage Flight

The U.S. Air Force Heritage Flight program presents the evolution of USAF air power by flying today's fighter aircraft in close formation with vintage fighter aircraft. t was created in 1997 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the United States Air Force.

It incorporates fighters from World War II, the Vietnam War, the Korean War and other conflicts in which the USAF has been involved.

The Air Dot Show Tour soars into Orlando

USMC C-130 “Fat Albert”

Fat Albert is a Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules that follows the Blue Angels across the country as they perform air shows during a season.

The modified C-130 carries the team’s maintenance and support equipment and has its own moment in the sun during air shows as it performs its aerobatic maneuvers for about 15 minutes ahead of the Blue Angels.

The Air Dot Show Tour soars into Orlando

B-25 Bomber “Panchito”

The B-25 Bomber was used by the U.S and its allies in every theater of World War II.  The B-25 came to fame on April 18, 1942 during the Doolittle Raid.  Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle led 16 B-25s in a daring attack on mainland Japan, four months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. 

Launched from the aircraft carrier Hornet, the raid was a one way mission as the aircraft could only launch and not land from its short deck.

Also appearing is the ReMax Parachute Team!

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The Air Dot Show Tour soars into Orlando

Who are you most excited to see take over the skies at Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB) this weekend?

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