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The GGO Crew Are Officially SeaWorld Orlando Annual Passholders Again!

Since moving home to Orlando, the first thing we wanted to do was visit the theme parks of course, but we had a problem, we could not get our Florida Residents Annual Passes until we became 'official' Florida Residents.

Fast forward two weeks, and with us moving unto our new home, bank accounts set up etc, we were in the wonderful position that we could once again become Florida Residents Annual Passholders to the theme parks! How exciting!!

Our first port of call was SeaWorld Orlando, no park reservations helped our decision of course. it's so easy to simply purchase your passes online, and turn up at the gate, the 'old fashioned way'

Thank you SeaWorld for making it easy to visit a theme park here in Orlando. we can now visit SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Water park, Busch Gardens Tampa, and Adventure Island Water Park with our SeaWorld Annual Passes.

We have also purchased our Universal Orlando, LEGOLAND Florida, Peppa Pig Theme Park Passes too, so watch out for lots of content from all the theme parks here on our website, our socials, and our Gotta Go Orlando YouTube Channel soon!

Now, you maybe wondering why we haven't mentioned Walt Disney World, well sadly they are only currently selling a Florida Residents 'Pixie Dust Pass' which has major block out dates.

We have purchased this for now, but its fingers crossed Disney once again start selling the full Annual Passes, so we can upgrade as soon as possible.

Anyway back to the star of this show, SeaWorld Orlando.

We visited on Easter Sunday, April 17th, and it was a glorious sunshine filled day, with temps into the 90's and blue skies all the way.

We purchased our passes online, and received bar codes which is all you require now to enter the park, super easy and very convenient.

We even used this straight away to save paying those pesky first day parking passes which you normally had to pay before you received your Annual Passes at Guest Services.

Once we arrived, our memories of how beautiful the park are came flooding back, and then some, this park has blossomed into an oasis of beauty here in Orlando.

It's such a photogenic park, oh yeah, over 500 pictures later we could still taken thousands more, and we will, all year long!

We must mention the 'gardening project' that is very visible at the entrance of the park, this is the parks next coaster project, and it's gonna be exciting to watch this brand new 'Surf Coaster' rise in from of us in the coming months!

Once into the park yesterday, we were like kids in a candy shop, wanting to experience everything at once, where do we go, which direction, what coaster first!!

We actually just chilled, and began taking it all in, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of this wonderful park.

For the record, our first ride was the recently reopened SkyTower which offers magnificent views of the park and the surrounding Orlando area from high in the sky.

From there we got to experience and enjoy all the parks coasters including the newest coaster in the park, Ice Breaker which was amazing, in fact, all the parks coasters were amazing, we are looking forward to riding again and again!!

Kraken is looking amazing following its refresh, and all the coasters are running so well, it's a testament to the maintenance that the park puts into keeping this park so well maintained.

It was Easter Sunday, and the park was busy, but we still enjoyed every rides, most of the shows including the Orca Encounter and the Dolphin Adventures, which were informative, and entertaining.

Oh and a quick mention for Sesame Street Land, we got to experience this new immersive area for the first time briefly yesterday and its amazing, and so much fun, we cannot wait to bring you much more from here very soon.

We gotta mention the food and drink here at SeaWorld Orlando, everything looks and smells so good, we spent lots of time looking at all the offerings, and we are certainly going to be spoilt for choice every time we visit.

The merchandise too is wonderful here at SeaWorld Orlando, it always has been great but the choice is even better now, and offers lots of unique items too. We can tell we are definelty going to take advantage of our Annual Passholders Merch discount!

The park was open until 9pm last night and in the last hour the heavens opened as the storms moved in! The power actually went out throughout the park as everyone was leaving, but hey this is Florida, and we gotta enjoy a little rain sometime too, and everyone enjoyed the experience judging form the cheers when the power went out!

The park handled the power outage well, and everyone safely and calm exited the park.

We are so happy to be SeaWorld Annual Passholders again, and we look forward to many more visits as locals, bringing you along for the fun, sharing everything with you right here on our website, our socials, and our YouTube Channel Gotta Go Orlando all the sights and sounds of this magnificent theme park.

For details on SeaWorld Orlando check out their website now.


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