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Super Retro Con is Going Back To The 80's & 90's This January in Tampa

Super Retro Con is a celebration of 80s & 90s pop culture! With Toys, Comics, pop culture memorabilia, movies and music items, video games, cars, Bmx and more!

Super Retro Con Tampa

If your an 80's or 90's kid then Super Retro Con: Tampa 2023 is the event for you!

Taking place on Saturday, January, 28, and Sunday, January 29, Super Retro Con has moved to the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, and it promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Highlights include TV & Movie Celebrity Guests, TV & Movie Cars, BMX Bike Show & X Games style live show, Full Freeplay Arcade with over 40 Video Games & Pinball, Live Entertainment, Cosplay Contest, and much more!

Super Retro Con Tampa

Guest stars at the show include:

Jeanne Basone

Jeanne played "Hollywood" on the GLOW - Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Jeanne was also on Married With Children, Jag, and various other TV & Film projects.

Super Retro Con Tampa

Brian Tochi

Brian has been in some of our favorite movies including: Revenge of the Nerds, Police Academy, and the original TMNT move series.

Jimmy Hart

Jimmy is is currently signed with WWE in a Legends deal. He is best known for his work in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW), where he used the nickname "The Mouth of the South".

Super Retro Con Tampa

Cosplay anyone? Super Retro-Con will have a cosplay contest hosted by guest MC The Parisian Hostess -Pin Up.

Dress up as your favorite retro pop culture character for a chance to win $100 and other prizes.

Super Retro Con Tampa

Plus, Retro and modern collectible toys and games. Retro clothing & gear, comics, T.V. & movie props, and posters. Including vintage Gi-Joe, Star Wars, Legos, Barbie, Transformers, Hot Wheels, Marvel Superpowers, Fisher-Price, Strawberry Shortcake, Nintendo, Sega, Atari, and more. Collector Archive Services (Toy graders) on site.

Here is the current planned schedule of events for Super Retro Con: Tampa 2023!

Super Retro Con Tampa


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