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SeaWorld Orlando tease new B & M Straddle Coaster coming in 2024: Project Penguin!

Today, August 16 is National Roller Coaster Day, and SeaWorld Orlando have just teased a little more info on their currently under construction coaster for 2024! Reason for more details...

SeaWorld Orlando tease new B & M Straddle Coaster coming in 2024: Project Penguin

SeaWorld Orlando are continuing to cement the footers on their claim of being the Coaster Capital Of Orlando with work well underway on a new roller coaster coming to the park in 2024.

While the park have yet to officially announce that they have a new roller coaster in the works, coaster track is already on site, and work is continuing on the ground works for the new coaster. Plus the park have just dropped a huge hint on the coaster on its social media sites!!

Today's social media post has teased the height requirement for the new coaster, showing a penguin walking towards a 42 " height chart inside the penguin enclosure at the park.

The video is captioned, "Waddling by to say Happy National Roller Coaster Day." The post also includes a link to a page on the SeaWorld Orlando website, where you can sign up for info on the new coaster.

The page proclaims, "The ice is cracking. Be the first to hear about Project Penguin and how you can save the day by signing up for emails below."

SeaWorld Orlando tease new B & M Straddle Coaster coming in 2024: Project Penguin

Also in a huge hint that the coaster will be a straddle coaster, SeaWorld Orlando have changed their header picture (shown above) to new straddle coaster Artic Rescue at SeaWorld San Diego!!

SeaWorld Orlando tease new B & M Straddle Coaster coming in 2024: Project Penguin

Previously, back on July 21 the park also teased on its social media channels that "Prime Day shopping got a little out of hand" while showing a section of the new roller coaster track onsite, together with a Prime Delivers screenshot with the words "Delivery from Switzerland"

Switzerland is the home of roller coaster manufacturer B & M, who have already designed and manufactured the majority of SeaWorld Orlando's coasters including Manta, Kraken, and Pipeline which debuted earlier this year.

So what do we know about the new coaster?

Rumors for the roller coaster point to a story-style coaster with indoor show scenes, and with SeaWorld Orlando now confirming the Project Penguin name, this pretty much confirms that a section of the new coaster will be indoors, using the former Empire of the Penguin ride area. The station is expected to be inside the building, and just like the end of the the Empire of the Penguin attraction that included live penguins, we expect the new coaster to feature a similar scene during the ride.

Construction is already taking place inside the building, and construction walls block off a significant amount of area around the former Empire of the Penguin building, where the outdoor section of the coaster will be placed.

Is the new coaster a kid friendly coaster? We had already expected this new coaster to be a family coaster, and the 42" height requirement confirms this, but we can still expect major thrills!

SeaWorld Orlando tease new B & M Straddle Coaster coming in 2024: Project Penguin

So what type of coaster will the new ride be?

With SeaWorld Orlando changing its social media header to straddle coaster, Artic Rescue which opened in June at SeaWorld San Diego. this confirms rumours that we can expect a similar ride now at SeaWorld Orlando.

A straddle coaster is a type of roller coaster design with a unique seating arrangement. Unlike traditional roller coasters, where riders sit inside the train's cars, a straddle coaster allows riders to straddle the seat.

SeaWorld already have three straddle coasters in its parks, SeaWorld San Antonio has Wave Breaker, DarKoaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and Arctic Rescue at SeaWorld San Diego.

Interestingly Artic Rescue features an indoor launch station inside the Wild Arctic exhibit. The Wild Arctic area of SeaWorld San Diego shares similar characteristics with the penguin area at SeaWorld Orlando.

As we get more info, we will let you know!!

SeaWorld Orlando

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