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Orlando ranked among best staycation spots in the U.S. (of course!)

Can you believe it, Orlando has NOT made top spot in the Travel Lens best cities for a staycation, how crazy is that!

Ok, yes we are biased of course, but come on!!

Oh well, we can't win everything, and the fact that several Florida cities are listed in the top 10 staycation destinations in the U.S. proves we have a pretty sweet life living here in Orlando!

Universal Orlando

So we hear you ask where is the number one destination for a staycation, well coming in at number 1 is.... Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (sorry, but we sure should be number 1!!)

Travel Lens lists its highlights as having lots of golf courses and restaurants (yeah we do to!!)

Here in Orlando, according to Travel Lens we make number two on the list for (and we are quoting here) "Home to a whopping 32 theme parks, including the world-famous Disney World and Universal Orlando."

Ok, so yeah of course we are the theme park capital of the word, but 32 Theme Parks???

The next benefit of a staycation in Orlando according to Travel Lens is... "Orlando is also one of the hottest destinations, thanks to its tropical climate providing year-round beach weather."

Yeah it's great having beach weather, but we're land locked, Cocoa Beach is our closest, 30 minutes away.

Here's a full list of the top ten staycation locations in the U.S.

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

2. Orlando, Florida

3. Key West, Florida

4. Page, Arizona

5. Moab, Utah

6. Tampa, Florida

7. Miami, Florida

8. Charleston, South Carolina

9. Stanley, Idaho

10. Cape Cod, Massachussetts

We don't care what anybody says, we are still calling first place for Orlando!

Downtown Orlando


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