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Orlando City Council approve policy that's set to drastically impact downtown Orlando's nightlife

Orlando City Council have passed a new city policy that that is set to seriously impact downtown Orlando's nightlife.

The policy is set to change how downtown Orlando bars and nightclubs operate, and will also have a serious impact on operating costs for each and every business.

Orlando City Council approve new policy that's set to drastically impact downtown Orlando

On Monday, March 20, Orlando City Council met to discuss nighttime safety concerns in downtown Orlando, at the meeting council members passed a moratorium that effectively blocks any new bars and clubs from opening downtown for the next six months.

The moratorium which was passed by a majority of council members, goes into effect immediately with council members claiming that it will make the area safer.

The city also approved an ordinance on after midnight alcohol sales beginning May 1.

The ordinance requires all clubs and bars that sells alcohol between midnight and 2 am to obtain a new permit at the cost of $250, they must also have metal detectors and ID scanners, plus they will be required to pay for police officers to provide security on the weekends.

The additional security will amount to 30 police officers who will patrol outside bars and clubs, and will be separate from active officers who are on regular duty.

Orlando City Council say that these new measures will help curb disorder and violence, making downtown a safety place, but bar and club owners are very concerned about the additional costs, and what effect this will have on their businesses.

With the new ordinances coming into effect immediately, businesses have not had time to budget for the changes, and overnight the new measures will add tens of thousands of dollars per year to each businesses costs, an extra expense that Monica McCown, vice president of Orlando Hospitality Alliance, fears could severely impact many downtown businesses.

McCown commented “It’s important we protect our guests and the people in downtown Orlando, but it’s important that we protect our businesses as well, and when we’re working together, we can find ways to protect everyone without harming the small businesses.”

Of course everyone wants a safe downtown, but with this new financial burden many smaller bars and clubs could go out of business, and with a six month ban on new businesses coming into downtown, downtown Orlando's nightlife could be about to change dramatically.

Orlando City Council approve policy that's set to drastically impact downtown Orlando's nightlife

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