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Mr. Toad’s Popcorn Bucket Available Now In Magic Kingdom For $3O, Ebay Price $99+

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

The themed popcorn buckets at Walt Disney World are always crazy popular, and obviously we all remember the line for a Figment bucket!

When Walt Disney World announced the amazing new popcorn bucket inspired by Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Magic Kingdom, Disney anticipated the demand, and guests wanting to purchase a Mr Toad Popcorn Bucket has to enter a virtual queue in order to buy one.

Demand has been high since appearing at Magic Kingdom yesterday, but they have not sold out, and as we write this, the bucket is still available today, Wednesday November 11.

Mr. Toad’s Popcorn Bucket

Despite being available, Mr. Toad's popcorn buckets are selling on eBay with huge markups.

Yesterday within hours of being on sale, prices went as high as $500 for ONE popcorn bucket!

Yes, this is the same bucket that you can purchase in Magic Kingdom in person for $30 plus tax.

Today the price on ebay is around $100 plus shipping, with multiple sellers selling multiple amounts of buckets.

One seller who is selling the bucket for $99.97 had 9 available with 6 sold already, not a bad profit in 24 hours, and we admit if we were not in Orlando we would probably buy one.

We know collectors who can’t make it to the Magic Kingdom will buy these on eBay, and yes people should make a reasonable amount for their trouble, but how much is too much?

The seller at $500? 100% for sure that is disgusting, but would you pay around $100 to get your hands on one?

Mr. Toad’s Popcorn Bucket


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