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Monday Update: Orlando International Airport Still Low On Fuel - Minimal Delays & Cancellations

The latest update from Orlando International Airport this morning, Monday, December 12, 2022, is that the fuel shortages being experienced at the airport Sunday continue, but initial fears that fuel could run out altogether is easing with the news that MCO have been bringing in fuel by road to stop the airport running out of fuel completely, however airlines are still having to make alternative arrangement to keep their planes flying in and out of MCO, with reports of delays, and even two cancellations.

Yesterday morning, Orlando International Airport shared an operations update regarding jet fuel shortages, warning that it could impact flights in the coming days.

Officials said their reserve fuel supply was lower than normal due to weather issues along the Gulf Coast preventing reserve supply delivery of jet fuel to the airport, and that airline were being asked to carry extra fuel before heading to MCO.

The Federal Aviation Administration also issued a warning to pilots that Orlando International Airport (MCO) is running low on fuel, and that airlines should be prepared to operate flights into the airport with enough fuel on board to fly back out.

Fuel levels were at critical levels Sunday, with the real danger that fuel could run out completely at the airport, to ease the situations the airport began trucking fuel to the airport, plus airlines were refueling at other airports before arriving at MCO.

Jet Fuel Shortage Orlando International Airport

Many passengers were impacted Sunday, with flights having to divert to other airports to refuel before arriving at MCO, while others had to make a refuelling stop after take off from MCO before arriving at their intended destinations.

The latest statement from Orlando International Airport downplayed the issue, stating that "The Orlando International Airport (MCO) is not out of fuel, and fuel is being delivered after extended weather issues along the Gulf Coast impacted fuel reserve delivery. The weather has lifted and ships have been able to depart."

The statement continued "The Orlando International Airport Fuel Consortium, which oversees and manages the aviation fuel for the airport, is requesting all airlines to please have additional fuel on flights coming to Orlando through the weekend to minimize the amount needed on return flights. To supplement the shortfall, fuel is being trucked to the airport."

Passengers however took to social media to share flight disruptions due to the airport being low on fuel, with airlines having to make alternative arrangements to fuel their jets, an example is shown here from United airlines:

Delays and cancellations are a distinct possibility today, Monday, and the advice is, if you plan on catching a flight at Orlando International Airport you should check your flight status.

As of Monday morning, two flights have been delayed, with four flights canceled.

Also this morning, United Airlines said it is lengthening some layovers, so that planes can finish fueling up.

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