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Make your Dad smile this Father's Day - Behind the wheel of a 17 ton Tank at Tank America Orlando!

Updated: May 18, 2023

Make Dad’s dream come true this Father’s Day with a special day at a special price, thanks to Tank America! The perfect gift for thrill-seekers this Father’s Day.

Tank America Orlando

Do you want to give Dad a Father’s Day he’ll never forget at a 25% savings? Tank America in Orlando is making it possible!

For the ultimate adrenalin rush this Father's Day a visit to Tank America here in Orlando is a must, there is nowhere else in town quite like this adventure!

Tank America gives guests the opportunity to get behind the controls of a 17-ton FV433 real military tank. The attraction is on 14 acres of land and puts guests right in the center of the action as they navigate jungle terrain, hills and mud holes.

This Father’s Day, Tank America has a special offer for an adrenaline-filled, afternoon adventure at a great price. When guests book their package between Thursday, June 1 and Sunday, June 18, they can experience the Basic Training package with three passengers, a mudhole drive-through and a scrap car obstacle for 25% off. The special package, which is a $600 value, will be discounted to $450 for the holiday.

With four different high-intensity packages to choose from, there’s something to fit every family’s needs this Father’s Day. Each package includes a safety and vehicle briefing and offers an additional way to explore the terrain.

Packages include:

Basic Tank Training After a safety briefing from the platoon Commander at Headquarters, guests will board one of the 17-ton tanks and lead their crew through a 1/2-mile tank course by navigating hair pin turns, climbing a fifteen-foot hill and crossing trenches.

Commander Package Take the same epic adventure as the Basic Tank Training package with the added challenge of driving from inside the belly of the tank, navigating only through the vehicle's periscope as if you’re actually driving into combat.

Advanced Troop Package Take the action up a notch and upgrade to the Advanced Troop Package to add a car crush, mud hole and complimentary additional guest. This package is perfect for guests looking for even more destructive fun! The driver will find themselves face to face with a real car that they get to drive over and crush three times from three different angles. Glass will shatter, metal will fly and the headlights will pop under the weight of 17 tons of armored tank fury.

Ultimate Package With the Ultimate Package, guests get to experience all that Tank America offers. Drive the tank course including all the additional obstacles along with the excitement of crushing a car. You can also test your skills using only the periscope and guidance from your tank commander to navigate through the Battle Front in combat locked up.

“Whether your dad is an outdoorsman, an avid sports fan or anything in between, you can make this Father’s Day unforgettable at Tank America,” said Tank America partner John Kinney. “All of the father and son groups we’ve had out to the park have had a blast because this really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

A study conducted in 2021 conducted by the international research group YouGov found that the top things dads want on Father’s Day are special experiences, which are tied with a heartfelt card for first place.

The FV433 Abbot Tank holds one driver and three passengers. Guests must be 16 years old to drive a tank and at least 55 inches tall to ride as a passenger.

Operating hours are Thursday through Monday from noon to 5:30 p.m.

To learn more about Tank America, visit

Tank America Orlando

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