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Lines at the Tower Of Terror in Disney's Hollywood Studios have been cut in half!

Good news for guests at Disney's Hollywood Studios, the wait in line for one of the parks most popular attractions should be much shorter than it has been recently.

A refurbishment program that has seen one of the two identical ride systems closed for refurbishment, has resulted in much longer lines than usual at the the attraction for several months now.

With the ride benefitting from two separate ride systems, Disney has the luxury of closing half the attraction while keeping the other open, meaning less downtime for the ride due to refurbishment, although the downside is longer wait times as the ride is running at half capacity.

Tower Of Terror Disney's Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror has four elevators that guests enter, with each of the four elevators having its own initial lift shaft until it reaches the top where the four elevators then feed into two separate drop shafts.

Last year, from February 6, 2022 through June 25, 2022, one drop shaft was closed for refurb, and then from November 7, 2022, Disney closed the second drop shaft for refurb, with the second lift shaft only reopening on February 9.

With the ride now returned to full capacity, wait times have been roughly cut in half, and that's great news for everyone!

Tower Of Terror Disney's Hollywood Studios


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