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Latin-influenced Papi Smash Burger now open in Downtown Orlando

Fans of the popular Latin-influenced food truck, Papi Smash Burger will be delighted to know that Papi has moved into a new brick-and-mortar location at 68 E. Pine Street, Orlando.

Chef and owner of Papi Smash Burger, Chris Hernandez fired up the grill for the first time on Friday, March 3 and revealed an amazing menu featuring 100% Florida Grass-Fed-Beef and tempting Vegan Options.

On opening weekend, Papi SOLD OUT 2000 burgers!!

Papi Smash Burger is currently in soft opening and will be open this week, Wednesday through Saturday, 11 am until 10 pm.

Papi Smash Burger Downtown Orlando

Let's take a peek at just a few of the many unique creation on the delicious menu, first up is the O.G. Boujeee Smash Burger with white truffle special sauce!

Papi Smash Burger Downtown Orlando

This is the infamous O.G Boujee smash burger with Florida grass fed beef and Papi's side chick spicy!

Papi Smash Burger Downtown Orlando

Check out Papi's take on the classic Frita Cubana, with an in house folded locally sourced Florida beef and Spanish Chorizo mix, Spanish Romesco aioli, S+H pickles, and Plantain sticks.

Papi Smash Burger Downtown Orlando

Everything on Papi Smash Burger's menu can also be vegan! This is the vegan version of the Frita Cuban!

Papi Smash Burger Downtown Orlando

This is the Note En Miami Smash Burger!

Oh and check out the Chulo style fries!

Papi Smash Burger Downtown Orlando

Papi Smash Burgers also offer a choice of boozy shakes!! This is the Cafecito Shake with vanilla vodka!

Papi Smash Burger Downtown Orlando

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