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Harveys To Release New EPCOT 40th Anniversary Recycled Seatbelt Bag!

A brand new bright and beautiful Harveys bag is being released to celebrate EPCOT 40th Anniversary.

The Medium Streamline Tote features all of the colorful EPCOT Pavilion Symbols with Sapphire handles and a Razzleberry crossbody strap.

Peer inside to find a playful liner with everyone’s favorite dragon - Figment!

The brand new Harveys bag is made from recycled seatbelts that are decorated with different patterns to create sustainable and vegan bags, and we are in love with this one!

Sadly due to Hurricane Ian, the release of the Disney EPCOT 40th Anniversary collection has been delayed.

When we have more information about the release Harveys will make an announcement.

When it does release, the collection will be available in Creations Shop in EPCOT.


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