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Fantasmic! Stops Mid-Performance During Media Preview Wednesday November 2 At Hollywood Studios

Ahead of its much anticipated official reopening today, Thursday, November 3, Fantasmic! at Disney's Hollywood Studios had a very successful cast member preview on Tuesday evening, November 1, where the show was welcomed with cheers throughout and a standing ovation at the end.

Fantasmic! Disney's Hollywood Studios Orlando

Another preview was planned for a second night, last night, Wednesday November 2, this time for cast members and the media, however, Fantasmic! did not quite go as planned sadly!

The rain had started earlier in the night, with everyone waiting in line getting wet before the show started.

Fortunately the rain stopped and the show began, with everyone getting to see the new scene, but then Fantasmic! was suddenly stopped mid-performance due to lightning detected in the area.

About 20 minutes in, the show stopped and an announcement was made that an “unforeseen technical difficulty” was the cause.

Fantasmic! Disney's Hollywood Studios Orlando

The hyped up audience stayed to see if the delay would be a short one, but sadly it was not to be, as an announcement was made that the performance would be canceled due to to inclement weather in the area.

This does happen, and would happen many times in the past, it's happened to us in the audience for Fantasmic! on many occasions, it's always a disappointment, but these things happen in Central Florida, it's not Disney's fault, and cast member safety always comes first.

It's just a shame that the preview was cut short for everyone who was looking forward to seeing a preview of the show!

Fantasmic! Disney's Hollywood Studios Orlando


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