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Enjoy a trip down the Rabbit Hole as immersive High-T, Alice in Wonderland Bar is coming to Orlando

Get ready for a trip down the rabbit hole here in Orlando.

Take a fall up into High-T, where you will indulge in delightful potions, immerse yourself in elevated and interactive experiences and get lost in a wonderful wonderland...

High-T, Alice in Wonderland Bar Orlando

A brand new and immersive cocktail bar experience is coming to Downtown Orlando later this Spring, and Disney fans are going to love High-T.

High-T wihich is described as a High Tea Room and Nighttime SpeakEasy, will pay homage to the classic children's story, Alice In Wonderland, with the company behind the project, Bar None Creations promising that the highly themed bar will blow our senses away!

When guests walk into the new High-T, they will be walking straight into the imagination of storyteller Lewis Carol, with the immersive experience offering a variety of differently themed rooms, including the Red Queen’s Piano Lounge, Absolems VIP lounge, and Balcony Birdcages, which overlook Church Street.

High-T, Alice in Wonderland Bar Orlando

We can expect cocktails just as wonderfully strange as the story of Alice In Wonderland itself with the menu is broken into chapters, and as you move on from chapter to chapter, everything will get a little stranger!

High-T, Alice in Wonderland Bar Orlando

High-T will be located at 23 W Church Street, and is expected to open in early May this year, with reservations currently being accepting for an anticipated opening date of May 2.

High-T is one of many downtown Orlando bars and clubs created by Bar None Creations, including Cocktails & Screams, at 39 West Pine Street, and 1-Up Orlando which opened last year in the same building that High-T will be located, with 1-Up on the ground floor, and High-T above.

High-T, Alice in Wonderland Bar Orlando

In an interview with The Orlando Business Journal, James Morrone, co-owner of Elevated Bar Management said “Alice in Wonderland was always something we had on the back burner. We were waiting for a space that would fulfill all of the desires we had with an outdoor element. This location has two outdoor elements — the balcony overlooking Church Street and the rooftop deck."

He continued “Many of the cocktails at this location will take you out of your comfort zone with many different ingredients you wouldn’t normally find in cocktails. Our menu is broken into chapters just like the story of Alice, and as you move on from chapter to chapter, everything gets a little stranger.”

“Our goal is to bring high-end entertainment experiences to downtown Orlando, bringing people to downtown who normally would not come this way,” Morrone said.

High-T, Alice in Wonderland Bar Orlando

Reportedly, High T will open in three phases throughout 2023, with the ultimate aim to obtain a Michelin Star.

The first phase is set to include high-end craft cocktails and entertainment, with the second phase seeing the operating hours moved to earlier in the day, offering afternoon tea and pastries. The third and final phase will include opening the rooftop deck with croquet and a life-size chessboard, which is when High T also will begin to offer small-plate meals.

For more information on High-T and the bars that have been created by Bar None creations, check out their website.

High-T, Alice in Wonderland Bar Orlando

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