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Ello Poppet! Wanna Buy A Pirate Room From The Caribbean Beach Resort, Savvy?

Ello Poppet, are you searching for treasure?

Then listen up scallywags, them there land lovers at Vault Collectables in the Lakeland Antique Mall are offering you the chance to live like a pirate every day!

Yes it's true, adventure awaits as Vault Collectables are selling the actual furniture and props from the Pirate rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort directly to the public!

As Jack Sparrow once said "Not all treasure is silver and gold mate." and yes, that's true!!

If a pirate life is for you, then this is your chance!!

Vault Collectables  Pirate Room From The Caribbean Beach Resort

The store is selling individual pieces of furniture and props or you can even purchase an entire room, right down to the carpet which features a map!

Imagine, owning such an amazing piece of Walt Disney World history, an actual Pirate rooms from the Caribbean Beach Resort!

You should contact Vault Collectables for pricing and specific items.

They have most of the items in the room except for the mini-fridge, mattresses, TV's, pillows, sheets and bathroom vanities.

The store has items from 170 rooms, but with millions of Disney fans out there many items will sell out quickly, so you best drop anchor soon at the Lakeland Mall!

Have a look at the details on their Facebook Page, plus you can check out the goodies on Vault's E-Bay Page.

Valt Collectables  Pirate Room From The Caribbean Beach Resort


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