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Don't Tell The Visitors... Orlando Just Had Its Wettest Fall On Record EVER!

Yes everyone loves coming here to Orlando thanks to our wonderfully hot and sunny weather, we do live in the Sunshine Sate after all, but yeah its not always sunshine and sunglasses sadly!

Thanks to back-to-back hurricanes here in Florida, 2022 will go down in the record books as the wettest fall ever recored here in Orlando.

A Wet Day At Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Trust us, fall is usually amazing here in Central Florida, with cooler temperatures, and a pretty dry season, perfect weather to enjoy everything the great outdoors here in Orlando has to offer

So fingers crossed that Fall 2022 was only a blip, and next year will be much better, and drier!

Heavy Rain At Universal Orlando Resort


Hurricane season really did a number on us here in Central Florida in terms of rainfall, with both Hurricane Ian in late September and Hurricane Nicole, a rare hurricane making landfall in November causing significant amounts of rainfall.

Hurricane Ian ALONE racked up around 15 inches and even higher amounts here in Orange, Seminole and Volusia counties, with certain areas receiving a whopping 21 inches of rain!

The rain didn’t stop there this year, as Nicole moved into Central Florida, as she dumped an additional 2 - 6 inches of rain over us.

Fro the entire Fall Season, Orlando received 28.83 inches of rainfall, a huge 17.21 inches above normal, and yes this was definitely the wettest on record!

Heavy Rain At Walt Disney World


When it comes to temperatures, we actually did ok for Fall 2022, with average temperatures for the season above average, with Orlando averaging 77F, that's 2.1F above average, making this fall the 8th warmest on record.

So in conclusion, we were warm, but soaking wet at the same time, go figure!

Rain Downtown Orlando


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