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Disney Park Pass Reservations No Longer Available Friday At Walt Disney World Theme Parks

With Hurricane Ian on a collision course for Central Florida, The Disney Park Pass Reservation system is no longer accepting reservations for Friday, September 30 at Walt Disney World.

As all the Walt Disney Theme Parks are currently closed, the Disney Park Pass calendar is greyed out for September 28, and September 29, but now September 30 is now no longer showing available also.

Disney have only confirmed the theme parks will be closed on September 28 and 29, 2022, it remains to be seen whether the parks will open on Friday, September 30 or not.

Disney are obviously being cautious amid uncertainty about weather conditions in the coming days.

For live updates as Hurricane Ian continues its path towards Central Florida please check out our LIVE UPDATES news page.

We will be updating you with all the latest theme park and amusement park updates throughout the storm.


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