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Could Drones Be Taking Over EPCOT & Blasting The Barges From World Showcase Lagoon?

So, let's talk Harmonious, the show that will be forever remembered, not as a great show, but for the ugly barges that ruined World Showcase Lagoon.

EPCOT's much hyped new nighttime show debuted at EPCOT for the start of the 50th anniversary celebration of Walt Disney World with so much promise, and well, that went really well, it's been cancelled!

Firstly a disclaimer, we enjoy Harmonious, yes, we hate the barges on the lagoon, but we admit it, we do love the show... if only the ugly barges would disappear during the day.

Of course the show is no IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, but its fun and whenever we catch it, guests in the park seem to be loving it!

Anyway, whether you love it, or hate it, it's going bye bye forever, publicly humiliated by Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro, who made a surprise announcement during the D23 Expo in Anaheim at the beginning of September, that after only one year, a brand new show will replace Harmonious in 2023!

With the surprise announcement by D’Amaro that Disney were confining Harmonious to a mere footnote in the history of Walt Disney World, it begs the question, what will Disney replace Harmonious with, and more importantly, does this mean the end of the barges that ruined views across the picturesque World Showcase Lagoon?

No official end date for Harmonious has not been announced, and no details have been released for the new show, not even a single piece of concept art, but there is now speculation that the giant Harmonious barges will be removed from World Showcase Lagoon and destroyed, yes you read that right.... DESTROYED!

Surely they could be used for a dance party somewhere on property, what about Main Street U.S.A. New Year's Eve anyone?

The latest rumor online from wdwnt, is that the new nighttime show for EPCOT will see the controversial barges blasted from the lagoon, and drones flown over the lagoon instead.

It's all due to the incredible success of Disney D-Light at Disneyland Paris for their 30th anniversary, and now it appears that Disney will bring drones stateside for the new EPCOT show.

The OCRegister said earlier this year that Disneyland were considering ways to use drones in its nighttime shows, so this is obviously something that Disney is researching into.

Of course, drones have been used for a nighttime show at Walt Disney World already, they were used in the short-lived Starbright Holidays show at Disney Springs which ran only for the 2016-17 holiday season.

Obviously, we don't have any confirmation from Disney that drones are going to be used in the new nighttime show for EPCOT but it makes sense, and does appear to be the way that Disney will go with this new show.

There is currently no confirmed end date for Harmonious, although with March 31, 2023 the official end date of the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebrations, its possible that could be when the show is killed off.

THE new EPCOT nighttime show is expected to debut in late 2023 with EPCOT Forever due to return again to bridge the gap.


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