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Coors Light Unwraps Nail Polish That Tells You If Your Beer Is Cold Enough To Drink!

Coors Light have unveiled the perfect gift this holiday season to anyone living here in Florida that enjoys a few cold beers!

The brewing company has unveiled a new nail polish that actually detects the temperature of someone’s glass of beer, called Chill Polish, the nail polish turns from slate gray to Coors Light Blue at the right temperature.

Coors say that Coors Light fans will know that when the mountains turn blue, the beer’s ready to drink!

Chill Polish is $7 with a limited amount being dropped at 10 a.m. ET tomorrow, and every Tuesday through December 13.

The polish was co-developed with San Francisco-based nail polish brand Le Chat and is available for $7 on

Coors Light also has other holiday apparel including Christmas jumpers, onesies, scarves and beanies!


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