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Chef AJ Haines at The Hen & Hog in Winter Park is looking for the communities support

It's fair to say that things aren't going so great over at Winter Park restaurant The Hen & Hog, and with a Go Fund Me page set up, owner Chef AJ Haines is appealing for help.

The Hen & Hog in Winter Park

The Hen & Hog at 221 W Fairbanks Ave Winter Park is looking for the local communities help as the restaurant struggles with rising food costs, parking issues, and health struggles with Hen & Hog's Chef AJ Haines.

The Hen & Hog has taken to its social media accounts to explain the current difficulties being experienced by the restaurant, and to appeal for help. "It has been a tough year so far with many changes and adjustments to our business plan. We need your love and support now more than ever."

The social media post stressed that their love for the business and their passion for food has never wavered.

The Hen & Hog in Winter Park

The restaurant explained what recent problems have been affecting the business,"Chefs recent surgeries have been one of the hardest things to overcome, parking issues and rising prices of food and supply chain issues have affected us all."

Back in January, Chef AJ Haines had a sudden onset of diverticulitis, forcing the business to close while Hanines received emergency surgery to remove his large intestine.

With the business back open, things haven't gone as planned with Haines, slow to getting back to a normal pace at the restaurant with limited hours. Haines has been in a lot of pain, with working at the restaurant causing some hemorrhaging from his surgical area.

The restaurant continued in its social media post explaining what it is doing to help with the parking problems, "It has been a short time at our new location, we have worked on creating more parking areas for you and your friends and family to join us for brunch, lunch and dinner. Fannie Hillman and the Bagel Dudes behind us have offered up parking during the hours they are closed. We also have a newly paved parking lot with designated parking for restaurant patrons."

The Hen & Hog in Winter Park

To help the restaurant, Chef AJ Hines has a Go Fund Me page, organized by Stephanie Krupp, although what the restaurant want more than anything is for the public to visit and support the restaurant by dining with them.

In asking for the local communities help to overcome a tough spell for the business, they commented, 'Add us to your choice for locally owned businesses destinations. There's no time like the present to show your love for all the locally owned businesses."

The Hen & Hog in Winter Park

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