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Central Florida continues to be an attractive option for folks looking to relocate!

A new report has revealed that warm weather and low taxes are continuing to make Central Florida an attractive option for openly looking to relocate.

Central Florida continues to be an attractive option for folks looking to relocate

A new report from PODS has analyzed consumer movements throughout the past fifteen months, identifying the top 20 cities people are moving to with the release of their third annual relocation trends report.

The report names the Myrtle Beach, SC, and Wilmington, NC, area as the number one area people moved to this past year after placing sixth on last year's list, while Sarasota, comes in second, having been first in the 2022 report.

Central Florida places strong on the list with Orlando at number 3, storming up the list from last years 9th place, while Ocala has moved into 4th place, up slightly from last years 5th place, with Melbourne coming in at number 12, up from last years 13.

This is the second year in a row that southern states have seen a larger influx of residents compared to any other region, with more than 80% of the destinations on the list being in the south.

Florida saw the largest increase in new residents, with six different Florida areas earning a spot on the top 20 list.

Central Florida continues to be an attractive option for folks looking to relocate

The entire list is as follows, with last year's rankings in brackets:

  1. Myrtle Beach, SC/Wilmington, NC (6)

  2. Sarasota, FL (1)

  3. Orlando, FL (9)

  4. Ocala, FL (5)

  5. Houston, TX (12)

  6. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (2)

  7. Knoxville, TN (7)

  8. Jacksonville, FL (11)

  9. Tampa Bay, FL (4)

  10. Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (14)

  11. Nashville, TN (3)

  12. Melbourne, FL (15)

  13. Portland, ME (20)

  14. San Antonio, TX (13)

  15. Boise, ID (19)

  16. Charlotte, NC (18)

  17. Asheville, NC (17)

  18. Phoenix, AZ (10)

  19. Savannah, GA

  20. Raleigh, NC

Economics appear to be the largest factor influencing consumers' decisions to move, with low tax rates, warmer weather, and more affordable housing prices being the main motivators behind consumer choices.

This is different from the 2022 report, where people were primarily influenced by the opportunity to work remotely and moved to be closer to loved ones. Cities with higher crime rates, turbulent weather, and higher costs of living saw a greater loss in residents compared to others.

To learn more about PODS' annual moving trends analysis, visit

Central Florida continues to be an attractive option for folks looking to relocate

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