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Central Florida Cold Temperatures Persist - But Thankfully Not For Too Much Longer

The day after Christmas Day and it still feels a lot like Christmas here in Central Florida, but thankfully temperatures are beginning to rebound, and by the weekend, we'll be feeling more like Florida with temperatures back into the 80s!

Frost In Florida

Today, Monday, will still feel like a very chilly day by Florida standards, with temperatures struggling to reach the upper 50s, then overnight, temps will cool off once again but thankfully not nearly as chilly as the holiday weekend.

Lows overnight will reach into the low and mid 40s, before warm up will lead to tempeartures in the 60s tomorrow.

The great news is that by the New Year's Eve weekend, as well as looking forward to 2023, we can look forward to temps reachinhnexpect 80s area wi


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