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Cast Members Can Sign Up For Family & Friends Preview Of Guardians Of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Walt Disney World Resort Cast Members have been enjoying previews for the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind attraction during Cast Member early previews.

Now, the Nova Corps needs more recruits to help the Guardians save the galaxy and Cast Members family and friends can get in on the action too!

As EPCOT continues to get ready for the attraction's grand opening on May 27, 2022, eligible Cast Members will soon have a chance to register for more Disney Cast Life Previews with friends and family.

Cast Members and up to two Guests will be able to attend Disney Cast Life Previews beginning in May.

Cast can register for only one preview experience with Guests. If you signed up for Cast Member early sneak peeks in April, you are still eligible to register for a Disney Cast Life Preview in May.

Admission to EPCOT will be included with Disney Cast Life Preview opportunities in May.


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