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A new month brings new cookies, cake and more to Gideon's at Disney Springs and the East End Market

An Orlando original, Gideon’s Bakehouse is best known for their ingredient rich, from-scratch "almost half pound" cookies that take over 24 hours to create.

Every month Gideon's delight with new limited editions flavours, and merchandise, and March is no exception!

March is bat month at Gideon's, and to celebrate the bakery is bringing back it's Signore Pipistrello! character, read on for more details.

Gideon's at Disney Springs and the East End Market

Your March Limited Edition Cookie is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl!

This almost 1/2 pound beast is a combo of Peanut Butter dough swirled with super velvety Triple Chocolate dough.

Gideon's at Disney Springs and the East End Market

Top it all with Chocolate Chips and Peanut Butter Chips and House-made Candied Peanuts, and you've got perfection!

Available throughout March at both Disney Springs and the East End market daily while supplies last. Limit 2 per person.⁣

Gideon's at Disney Springs and the East End Market

A brand new cake slice is waiting for you in March, ready to exploit your PB+Choco cravings!

PB Chocolate Swirl Cake is covered in a layer of PB Buttercream AND Chocolate Buttercream!

Available every Wednesday and Saturday at both locations by the slice while supplies last. Limit 2 per person. ⁣

Gideon's at Disney Springs and the East End Market

March brings a new Nitro Cold Brew that is simple and delicious!

This one adds Chocolate and a dash of Cinnamon to Classic Cold Brew, paying tribute to Pipistrello's Dark Coffee Cake Cookie!

Only available at Gideon's in Disney Springs throughout March!⁣

Gideon's at Disney Springs and the East End Market

A twist on Gideon's firstGideon's candle, the Dark Coffee Cake aroma will fill your home with the exquisitely complex flavorings of Butter, Sugar, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Spice Cake, Clove, and Nutmeg!

This limited candle is available in stores and online while supplies last. ⁣

Gideon's at Disney Springs and the East End Market

Summon your bat brothern with this new Pipistrello design! Unisex sizing.

Available in stores and online today! ⁣

Gideon's at Disney Springs and the East End Market

You can't celebrate bats without a new Gideon's Bat Winged G Pin, and this time it is rockin' the always mega Hot Pink and Black combo!

Limited to 2000 units, available in stores and online today!⁣

Gideon's at Disney Springs and the East End Market

This March, Gideon's is putting a spotlight on animal conservation!

To help, Gidoen's fantastical confidante Signore Pipistrello has returned, and he's asking for our help!

Gidoen's is raising money for the Lubee Bat Conservancy by offering a new Pipistrello Limited Print!

Available today, an 11x14 version has hit, signed by Gidoen's art director Michael Reyes, and an 8x10 version has hit the stores, signed by Gidoen's owner, your friendly neighborhood Gideon's creator!

While Supplies Last! Proceeds from these prints will go directly to Lubee!⁣

Gideon's at Disney Springs and the East End Market

Lubee Bat Conservancy is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving bats and their habitats through research, conservation, and education, with a focus on children and community engagement.⁣

Lubee Bat Conservancy

Lubee places animal care, conservation, and education as its three core institutional purposes. Animal welfare is held to the highest standard, ensuring the collection receives the best care in line with modern zoological practices and philosophies. Their local and global conservation education programs connect children with nature, foster environmental stewardship, and inspire the next generation of conservation scientists to become leaders in their communities.⁣

Lubee Bat Conservancy

You can visit Gideon's in Disney Springs, Sunday to Thursday 10 am to 11pm, and Friday and Saturday 10 am to 11:30 pm.

Or you can visit Gideon's at their original location at the East End Market, which is located at 3201 Corrine Dr, Orlando, the store here is open seven days per week, 10am to 7pm.

Inside Gideon’s Bakehouse Disney Springs

Gideon's Bakehouse began in a home kitchen with one goal: to create an extraordinary Chocolate Chip Cookie. Fifteen years and thousands of tests later, the work was complete,

Staying true to the original process, cutting no corners, putting every handmade detail into the 20 hours required to prepare a single almost half pound Cookie or a tall slice of Cake, Gideon's invite people from around the world to share in the sweet and the salty goodness that is hand baked into every Cookie or Cake. Gideon’s Bakehouse has two locations, the original bakery at East End Market, 3201 Corrine Dr, Orlando, and the bakeries newest location at Disney Springs.

Gideon's Bakehouse Disney Springs

Things To know Before Visiting Gideon’s At Disney Springs!

Gideon’s Bakehouse is a popular single-owner small business based in Orlando that has gained international attention when it opened it's location at Disney Springs.

It can get pretty crazy at the Disney Springs store with people waiting for hours to get their hands on a prized Gideon's near half pound cookie!

To help you get enjoy lots of yummy Gideon's goodness, the bakery have shared some helpful information based on an average day to set an expectation and help you plan.

• The bakery opens at 10 am, but the line typically begins to form at 9 am, when the parking garage opens.

• Once the bakery opens, when the line gets too long, they switch to a Virtual Queue. This allows you to go anywhere while waiting for a return text. On weekdays the Virtual Queue can start anytime from open to evening or not at all, depending on crowds. On weekends and holidays it can happen right at 10am. After receiving your text, you will check in at the end of the return line. It looks scary but is typically no more than a 15-minute wait. For international guests, we will give you a return time if you can’t receive texts.

• Sign up for the queue must be done in person. When active, you will find Gideon's staff to the right of the front door under the protection of Gideon's Gargoyle.

• Plan for wait times of around two hours. For busy days (Friday through Sunday, holidays, holiday seasons), the virtual queue averages five hours. The earlier you arrive, the shorter the wait and the better the selection since limited edition items will sell out. A general rule, if you know the parks are slammed, we’re slammed.

• On average, between 6 pm and 8 pm every day the virtual queue is active, and the waiting list will hit capacity. When this happens the bakery closes the queue to handle everyone on the list and to ensure the bakery closes on time.

Gideon’s Bakehouse Disney Springs Orlando

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