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Vanessa Frances's The Magic Castle Still Stands premiers at this year's Orlando Fringe Festival

"The Magic Castle Still Stands" follows the journey of Harvey by train to New York City.

Vanessa Frances Playwright, Producer

The Magic Castle Still Stands will be premiering at this year's Orlando Fringe Festival on various dates from May 18 - 26, 2024.

Brought to life by Vanessa Frances. who has written and produced The Magic Castle Still Stands, this will be Vanessa's first time producing a show at Fringe.

Vanessa wrote this show after being fired from her first "Big Girl" job in February of 2021. She commented, "I was desperately terrified of flying, and took a train ride to visit my friend in Maryland. I was heavily influenced by 90s anime, 1800s literature, the inconveniences of Amtrak, and the kind of fear that can only be brought on when you have no idea what is happening next."

Directed by Denver-based director Emily Kucala and starring the LA-based actor Amelia Bryant, "The Magic Castle Still Stands" promises to take audiences on a profound journey of self-discovery and reflection, and with stage management by Andy Renae, this production boasts a stellar creative team dedicated to bringing Vanessa's vision to life.

The Magic Castle Still Stands premiers at this year's Orlando Fringe Festival

Set against the backdrop of a train journey from Savannah, GA to New York City, "The Magic Castle Still Stands" unfolds as a compelling coming-of-age narrative. Audiences will follow the protagonist, Harvey, whose ordinary journey takes an unexpected turn when a collision between the train and a car connects her fate to her fellow passengers and her own past.

As the story unfolds, the boundaries between reality and imagination blur, inviting audiences to delve into the surreal and introspective realm of Harvey's experience. Through her journey, Harvey grapples with the complexities of youth, maturity, and the profound implications of self-discovery.

"The Magic Castle Still Stands" offers a poignant examination of the sacrifices one must make in order to truly understand oneself and move forward in life.

The show will premier in the Scarlet Venue, which is located in the Orlando Family Stage at 1001 E Princeton St, Orlando.

Tickets cost $11, with the show running 60 minutes. 13+. Adult Language, Mature Themes.

Orlando Fringe Festival returns to Loch Haven Park, Downtown Orlando between May 14 - 27, 2024.  Orlando Fringe is a 14-day immersive cultural experience featuring over 1,000 ticketed performances spanning a wide array of genres, such as dance, spoken word, musicals, comedy and much more. 

Free festival highlights include the Outdoor Stage music festival, Visual Fringe art on display throughout festival grounds and Kids Fringe play and entertainment for the young and young-at-heart weekends May 18 - 19 and May 25 - 26.

Anchored in Loch Haven Park, the festival features venues at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center, Orlando Family Stage and the Orlando Museum of Art, plus Fringe ArtSpace in Downtown Orlando on historic Church Street.  BYOV’s (“Bring Your Own Venues”) this year include returning venues Renaissance Theatre Company, The Starlite Room @ Savoy and Stardust Lounge, new venue CityArts, along with various site-specific venues chosen by artists. 


This year’s festival marks the popular return of Outdoor Stage theme nights on a brand new stage provided by OPAV and the hit late-night show offerings part of Fringe After Dark that include Fringe The Afterparty, Flashlight Cabaret, The Afters and Musical Mondays.

For more information on Orlando Fringe 2024 and to purchase tickets, visit, and contact the Box Office: 407-648-0077.

33rd Annual Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival

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