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New Eats & Treats Now Available At Disney's Animal Kingdom

Great news! A selection of tasty, new eats and treats is coming soon to select quick-service locations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park!

In Africa, the Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery will be serving up a Marinated Pork Flatbread Sandwich ($10.49) featuring marinated pork atop of a cucumber-tomato salad, harissa aïoli, and greens with house-made chips, as well as the Spiced Potato Hand Pies, fried pastries with seasonal vegetables and potatoes.

Wilderness Explorer Cupcakes are waiting to be discovered across Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park! At Pizzafari you’ll find the Flamingo Badge Cupcake ($5.99), a coconut cupcake with exotic fruit filling, coconut frosting, white chocolate pearls and a white chocolate flamingo badge.

Over at Flame Tree Barbecue, the Dragonfly Badge Cupcake ($5.99) is a pink lemonade flavor with a strawberry compote filling and topped with lemon frosting and a dragonfly medallion.

The Dinosaur Badge Cupcake ($5.99) can be found at Restaurantosaurus. This chocolate cake features a cookie cheesecake filling, chocolate frosting, and a white chocolate dinosaur badge.

If you’re a fan of coffee, there are even some new caffeinated beverages on the horizon. If you find yourself at Dino-Bite Snacks, be sure to try the Cold Brew Iced Coffee. And for a sweeter take on this beverage, try the Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cream Float.


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