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Juan Valdez Café Set To Open Another Central Florida Location In Winter Park

Hot on the heels of opening a new location at ICON Park on international Drive in October, Colombian coffee brand, Juan Valdez Café, will soon be opening another Central Florida coffee shop location in Winter Park.

The latest Juan Valdez Café will be located at 111 North Orlando Avenue, just east of Lake Killarney, next to Trader Joe's and Shake Shack.

Although the well known international coffee brand has 330 cafés in Colombia and a further 130 locations in 14 international markets, including Chili, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Spain and Malaysia, here in the US it only has a handful of cafes and all of them are in Florida, at Miami, Windermere, Ocoee, and Orlando.

Juan Valdez actually have ambitious plans to open 182 stores across Florida by 2025, where the brand will offer both hot and cold drinks, espresso or drip-based, and a South American array of snack offerings such as empanadas, tequeños, and pan dulce.

Juan Valdez Café was founded by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation in 2002 to promote the South American nation’s coffee growing industry.

It represents more than 540,000 coffee producing families in Colombia and describes itself as the only major coffee brand that belongs to coffee producers.


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