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First Look At The Global Gathering Mural Inside EPCOT's Connections Cafe

We are receiving more and more details now on the new Connections Cafe and Eatery ahead of it's opening at EPCOT.

Imagineer Zach Riddley has taken to his Instagram account to offer another sneak peek inside.

"To celebrate the recent menu reveal of Connections Eatery, I’m excited to share even more behind-the-scenes details of this beautiful space at EPCOT. Adding to the park’s rich legacy of original art displays, our team produced a hand-painted mural that stretches over 160 feet along the back wall of Connections Eatery!" "This original piece, titled “Global Gathering,” is a celebration of various food and beverage staples from around the world, and how we are all connected by enjoying a meal together. Highlighting eight distinct regions of the globe, this vibrant installation depicts people cultivating or gathering around food, such as potatoes from the Andes Mountains in Peru or black pepper from the Malabar Coast of India. The piece also evolves from sunrise in the east to sunset in the west across the full span of the eatery – culminating in one of the largest art installations Imagineering has created. That scale and stunning vibrancy celebrates global diversity with a simple, universal concept: the moments we have in common around food, meals, traditions and memories."

"The creative concept for this piece was developed over the last few years, with consultants from around the world. It was then hand-painted in a series of panels and recently installed by our site teams at EPCOT. Here we see Abdul from our Character Paint team, working alongside a team of artisans to provide final touch-ups in the field." "Seeing this stunning mural come to life and now find its home in EPCOT speaks to the global story of connection that’s always been at the heart of this unique park."


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