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Walt Disney World Continues to be in a Giving Mood with Ariels Grotto Returning Soon

The holidays may be over, but at Walt Disney World the season of goodwill, and giving seems to be never ending.

Ariel's Grotto Magic Kingdom ARIEL Meet and Greet

After a few weeks that has seen Walt Disney World appear to be on a charm offensive, yet another piece of good news is on the way.

Recently Walt Disney World has definitely been trying to turn the tide of bad feelings towards the resort with a string of announcements that are designed to appease even the most hardened of critics.

We have seen the resort announce that they are no longer charging guests to park their car at resorts, the decision to ease the park reservation system for pass members, the announcement that the barges were being demolished in World Showcase Lagoon, the return of Happily Ever After, and not to mention the return of long time shuttered meet and greets including Pete’s Silly Sideshow Meet & Greet!

Pete’s Silly Sideshow Meet & Greet

It's as if Disney is finally getting the message that they need to treat guests better, and now another decision appears to have been made to please guests, yes, Ariel's Meet & Greet is set to return to Magic Kingdom soon according to insiders at the resort.

Ariel’s Grotto has been shuttered ever since Walt Disney World closed in March 2020 when COVID-19 forced the resort to close, but it's expected that Ariel's Grotto will reopen later this month, or February at the latest.

While we don't have an exact date for the return of the Little Mermaid meet and greet, Walt Disney World should be making an announcement soon.

Ariel's Grotto Magic Kingdom ARIEL Meet and Greet

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