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The Peach Cobbler Factory Setting Up Shop In Central Florida

Nashville based dessert bar chain, The Peach Cobbler Factory, are coming to Central Florida, and have plans to quickly establish themselves in the local area, with not one, but four locations opening in 2023.

The four locations set to open next year are in Winter Garden, Lake Buena Vista, East Orlando, and Winter Park.

The local franchisee has revealed that the first location will open early January in Winter Garden, located at the intersection of 535 and Tilden Road.

The second location to open will be the Lake Buena Vista store, opening in either late Quarter 1 or early Quarter 2, and then the two remaining locations will open in the third and fourth quarters of next year,

Peach Cobbler Factory Orlando Florida


The Peach Cobbler Factory describe themselves as "a place where people come to enjoy delicious cobblers with ice cream, banana puddings, cinnamon rolls, Pudd-N Shakes, our Sweet Peachy Tea, and Cold Rush cold-brewed coffee."

Peach Cobbler Factory Orlando Florida

Since the Peach Cobbler Factory started in 2013, their commitment has always been about producing a premium line of desserts.

The Peach Cobbler Factory's products are made the old-fashioned way, just like grandma used to make them.

Peach Cobbler Factory Orlando Florida

Here's the menu that Central Florida customers can look forward to once the new stores open.


Peach • Strawberry Peach • Blackberry Peach • Mango Peach • Honey Apple • Caramel Apple • Cinnamon Praline Peach • Apple Walnut Raisin • Strawberry • Blackberry • Cherry • Sweet Potato Pecan


Vanilla • Nutella • Apple Butter • Orange Marmalade • Maple Syrup • Cobbler-Stuffed Cinnamon Roll


OG or Original • Oreo • Strawberry • Nutella • Red Velvet • Butterfinger • NY Cheesecake • Cherry Swirl • Bourbon Pecan • Coconut Cream • Chocolate Chocolate Chip • Peanut Butter & Jelly

Peach Cobbler Factory Orlando Florida


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