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How safe to you feel downtown? Orlando's City District want to know now!

Orlando's City District Main Street wants to know how safe you feel downtown.

On Tuesday, January 17, 2023 the City of Orlando held a meeting regarding proposed changes to safety and security in our community.

In search of new, effective safety and security measures, the City has proposed new regulations that would force downtown bars and clubs to close at midnight instead of the current 2 am.

Plus, they want to prevent any new bars and clubs from opening for the next six months.

Downtown Orlando

In the wake of these proposals, City District Main Street is asking the community to participate in a survey to discover how safe people feel downtown and what can be done to improve safety.

The 18-question survey takes about 5 minutes and asks a variety of safety-related questions, including the level of police protection in downtown Orlando, if you've been a victim of a violent crime, and your thoughts on what can be done to decrease violence.

City District Main Street commented "The intent of this survey is to gauge the current safety sentiment, needs of workers, residents, businesses, property owners and visitors in downtown Orlando, while soliciting solutions"

If you want to give your opinion, click here to take the survey.

City District Main Street are also urging the community to make sure all voices are heard regarding these changes and the safety of our neighborhood, and are urging everyone to share your thoughts and feedback on these proposed changes in a variety of ways.

You canshare your feedback, or opinions with City Officials - Executive City Officials will be located at Discover Downtown (201 S Orange Ave) on 1/25 - 1/26, from 1-5 PM to hear comments from the public.

A meeting will be held in City Hall on Monday, 1/23 at 2:00 PM regarding comments and concerns about these new proposed changes. *This is a first read of the ordinances and public comment is welcome!* A second meeting will be held at City Hall on Thursday 1/26 at 2:00 PM.

You can participate in public comment, either in person or virtually by submitting your comments using this link.

Downtown  Orlando


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